Huwebes, Hunyo 19, 2014

Queen Elsa (Frozen) Inspired Make Up Tutorial + NEW VIDEO!

The movie Frozen has been all the rage for months now. Costumes, their soundtrack and merchandise has been a total craze all over the world! Of course, here in the Philippines as well. My sister loves Frozen so much, and her favorite is Queen Elsa! Who doesn't love her anyway? She's so regal and fierce! And of course, beautiful!

 I love her makeup look in the movie so I decided to recreate it since I also had a gown like hers made! So I took the chance to film a make up tutorial. I can't find a blonde wig and blue contact lenses, so I decided to make it a Queen Elsa "Pinay Version" LOL! Another reason why is because I will never be as fair as Elsa! Haha! Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this tutorial. :)

P.S. I purposely edited my photos so my skin would be slightly fair as Elsa's. This is not my actual skin color. I am a Filipina, so I am a wee bit olive skinned. :)

Biyernes, Mayo 09, 2014

Spring Inspired Makeup Look ❀ + My Youtube Channel!

 Hi everyone! :) 
I know I've been really been bad on my blog recently but I am finally decided. I was actually contemplating on whether I should keep this blog or focus on my Youtube channel instead. Guess what? I decided to keep both! I've been so attached to this blog. Although this blog doesn't have a lot of viewers, I still don't want to let it go since I also love writing! I decided that I will do a beauty channel on Youtube since I love doing beauty videos despite the fact that I am still shy on the camera (well, it will take some getting used to but it's all good!) and I still want to keep this blog in accompaniment with my videos. <3

So without further ado, I want to present to you my latest make up tutorial on my channel! I hope you guys like it, and here below are some of the photos of the finish product. :)



So what do you think? Let me know in the comments. I love reading your feedbacks and suggestions on how I can make my blog and my videos better! :) Until my next post slash video!

xx, Iyah

Miyerkules, Abril 02, 2014

Summer Shoot

 Hi guys! It's been a while! Sorry if I haven't been posting lately. I got so busy with school due to the final requirements I had to submit. But since it's summer, I am back! 

So in this post, I thought I'd share to you all some of our shots from one of our photo shoots we had. Since we are Mass Communication students, we encounter a lot of multimedia stuff like this. We had this "summer photoshoot" 2 months ago and we used some of the photos for our Desktop Publishing poster which served as our semi-finals. It's one of our majors. I enjoy it very much, actually.

Our peg was summer, so I hope you enjoy our summer-inspired looks by me and my friends! <3

And that's it! I hope this post helped you have a little inspiration of what to wear this summer! :)

My next post will be another photo shoot we had for school, that one was used for our magazine. Also in our Desktop Publishing class. Stay tuned! I missed you all. <3

xx, Iyah