Miyerkules, Hunyo 12, 2013

Debut Series: Food Tasting

Hi guys! My debut is about to come and I want you all to be a part of it! So I decided to share with you everything about it so you can have a glimpse of my special day and also the other things behind it. Since a debut is a once in a lifetime event in my entire existence, I thought that I should put every detail about it in my blog so I can have something I could look back to. 

Last June 06, 2013, we went to my party venue to have a food tasting with my family. When doing events like these, a food tasting is a must so you would know what type of food you'll be serving to your guests. I lost the paper wherein there's a menu of the food we ordered so I'm just gonna show you guys the pictures!

Before the food tasting, we planned out that the serving of food should be plated to make it look more classy rather than a buffet type course. And since it's a formal event, we don't want people to be standing around and waiting in line for their turn wearing gowns and suits. It would be very uncomfortable for them to do so.

Here's how a serving looks like. The food is actually good and filling for a girl like me already BUT I think it's not enough. I fear that people might get hungry since it's a dinner party. I want my guests to feel full. :(

So while we finished the food tasting, our family and I had decided to get the buffet type course instead of the plated one. I know I said earlier that we wanted the plated course, but here are the reasons why buffet is better:

1. Your guests have a lot of choices. In a buffet course, there will be choices of chicken, fish, beef and pork. In a plated one, you'll be served only two viands. Which is not very applicable to everyone because some might be allergic to fish, or chicken, so in that case, your guest wouldn't enjoy the food if that's the only meal you'll be serving.
2. Your guests would know how much he/she needs to eat. He/she can go back if they're still hungry. But in a plate course, the guests doesn't have any choice but to settle with what you'll be serving.
3. Buffet type course is more generous because it doesn't cut down portion sizes. Unlike the plated one that is obviously more limited.

So obviously, the buffet course definitely outweighs the sit-down entree. Mainly those are the reasons why we decided to change our first plan! The photos I showed you guys aren't the ones I'll be serving on the exact debut. Like I said, I feel that it isn't enough for my guests. These are only the food we had during the food tasting. Sit-down entrees are great, but I think buffet type courses are way better. 

How about you? Which of the two would you prefer? :)

xx, Iyah

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  1. Ohhh soooo lovely food! Can't choose! :)
    Can't wait for your debut dear Iyah!

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