Sabado, Hunyo 02, 2012

Baking cookies like a boss + Blogger app on iPhone!

So, I downloaded the Blogger app on my iPhone just now and thought that I should give it a try! This is my first time blogging via phone. :)

I just wanted to share to you guys what my sister and I made the other day. We baked cookies! And not ordinary cookies, it's oreo stuffed. Aaaahhh. Heaven.

Yes, it's a really fatty and unhealthy food, but I don't eat this on a regular basis so a little dose of sugar in my system won't go wrong. ;)

To all cookie and oreo lovers, this is surely mouth-watering!
This is my four year old sister, Raffy!
I know this looks like shit but I swear it's really good!
Cookies at it's finest! Heaven. Seriously :)

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