Lunes, Hunyo 04, 2012

Almost done. Yipeeeee.

So today, I had a bad morning. I wasn't allowed to go to Makati when I'm supposed to get my Good Moral Character certificate and letter for Scholarship. So, I got pissed. LUCKILY, my lola asked her assistant to get those files. So she got it! And, I decided to go to Trinity today and pass those requirements and reschedule my boyfriend for his entrance exams as well. I am so happy I finished some of my requirements today, and I plan to do it tomorrow. So yeah, I feel accomplished! :)

Tank top from Mango, light skinny greens from Von Dutch, Leatherish jacket but not from SM Department store, black flats from Greenhills and a hand me down LV bag from my mom!

So there, when I finished my requirements, we went to Rustan's Shopping Center and did some grocery shopping. I didn't buy a lot because I don't need anything. I just bought baking things because I wanted to make some cream cheese frosting!

I found this light up lipgloss from the Ever Bilena counter and I find it so cool. Perfect for girls who loves night outs and parties.

This is my list of reminders that I need to finish for school. I finish the June 5 reminder today! Yay.

I also found this humungous onion at the grocery. So cute! The normal one is on top. Lol, obviously.
My brother's version of the "DUCK FACE" lol

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