Martes, Hunyo 05, 2012

Mass Comm. Major in Comm. Arts, I'm ready for you.

I am so happy! I was UNEXPECTEDLY granted a scholarship for one whole semester in Trinity University of Asia. All I have to do is ask a letter from my previous school, which I already have, stating that I am part of the top 10 of the graduating class. It was granted today and I payed already. I am so happy because I can keep and spend my tuition fee for this semester. =))

God is truly great!

I owe him everything and he really works wonders. Thank you, Lord. Very much. I promise that I will study hard and do well in school! 

I also got my uniform but unfortunately, the fitting wasn't correct so I have to go back tomorrow. :( But nonetheless, I am very happy. Tomorrow, I will be going back to TUA to have my ID picture taken, submit my NSO Birth Certificate, claim my boyfriend's results, and to have replacements for my uniform. 

I wish I can accomplish everything by tomorrow!

I am so ready for College. I think? JK. I'm still nervous though. :) Goodluck to me!

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