Biyernes, Hunyo 01, 2012

First of June + Mini Haul

Hi, so it's 2:06am and it's June 2 already, so I'm blogging about what I did yesterday, lol.

I woke up early, about 7 in the morning, took a bath and got ready to go to St. Joseph's College and Trinity. I went to St. Joseph first to get my report card. I passed my HS report card there because I thought I will study there for college, but I liked Trinity better! So I got my report card and submitted it to Trinity. I also claimed my results and I passed! Hooray! :)

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication Major in Communication Arts, here we go. :D Since I lack requirements, I had to write a Promissory Note to the Registrar stating that I will pass all my requirements on June 5, 2012, Tuesday. They said that if I belong to the Top 10 of the Graduating Students of our batch, I can get a scholarship for the first semester, and I am the 3rd honorable mention. So, I'm so excited, and I really hope I will be granted a scholarship!!! *fingers crossed* :)

So there, I went to the Cashier and payed some downpayment. I was surprised when the Cashier said, "Enrolled ka na."I didn't expect it because I lack three requirements! But nonetheless, I felt so accomplished. He gave me my schedule for the first Semester and a reminder for our orientation on June 8. He even told me that I could get my uniform already! Which I didn't do because our driver was in a hurry, but no biggie, I can do that on Monday or Tuesday anyway. :) So, yeah, I went home with a smile on my face and slept from 12pm - 3pm because I lack so much sleep cause I woke up early! :)

Anyway,  during the evening, or late afternoon (About 5-6pm) our whole family went to Greenhills because my cute little brother wants to play at Timezone! When we were there already, I immediately withdrawed some cash and went to the tiangge area, which is in my opinion, the best place in Greenhills!

I looked for clothes and shoes there. I was supposed to buy a sheer top and a mullet skirt, but the saleslady had many costumers so I wasn't able to fit it. :( So I looked for shoes, because I think I needed more. I only have few shoes, I promise! I'm not too greedy. Hihi. So this is what I bought from the tiangge:

So I bought two pairs of "Tory Burch" ballet flats. They are imitations, but I don't really mind! I find it classy and I needed a new pair of black flats, because they go with anything. :)
I bought another one in the color Turquoise! My favorite color as of the moment. 
This one is my favorite! I love the peachy pink and turquoise color combination. Plus, the ribbons give it a girly feel.

At the back, it has a silver metal thinger that gives it a classy and chic look at the same time!
And, you know what I love about these shoes? They're hella cheap! They're only 380 each, and that's a good deal. I've tried shoes from tiangge, and they have a nice quality. But of course, you shouldn't expect really high quality from them. They are very durable and they don't break on me. It's affordable and really cute, plus, I won't be going out soon because school starts on June 14 and I will be wearing a uniform already, so I don't need to invest too much on high-end shoes, well maybe, some time, but not everytime. :)

I also got two pairs of glasses, one in Hello Kitty form, and one is an imitation of a Ray-Ban Wayfarers.  When you buy stuff at Greenhills, you don't expect to get authentic items, you know. :) I bought these two pairs of glasses just for fun! Lol. But I'm planning to get new lenses that match my eye sight grade in the Ray-Ban glasses so I could use it as a spare. I have a very poor eye sight and I badly need eye glasses in my life, but I don't wanna invest in an authentic Php 14,000 worth Ray-Ban just for glasses. I think that's too much. Haha. 

I tried these glasses myself and I don't really think it suits me? Let me know what you think! :)

But for me, the glasses look so much better on this cute little boy right here! Lol.

That's my cute lil' bro who loves Timezone so much :)
So that's it for the first day of June! It's actually a great start, and I hope it continues. :)
I thank the Lord so much for all of his blessings. He is the BEST. :)

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