Sabado, Hunyo 09, 2012

Bonding with the boys

Hi everyone! So this is another food blog post and sort of a "Day in the Life of Iyah" post as well.

So, we went to Trinoma to watch the Snow White & the Huntsman. It was actually a good movie! I am not an avid fan of action and serious movies, but I liked it. It's not bad, it's not great, it's good, but I cannot say it was a must watch! All in all, you will still enjoy it if you watch it & you will not fall asleep. Haha!

I was with my two cousins and my two uncles. So, it really is a day to bond with the boys.
This is my 13 year old cousin, newly circumcised lol

We got tickets to see the movie at 10:25pm which is the last full show. The movie house is literally really full, lol.

So it was only 8pm and we strolled around Trinoma. We then hung out at Mrs. Fields.

I ordered Iced Caramel Macchiato (Php 130) and One Dozen of Cookie Nibblers (Php 120, I think.)

I love their slogan!

Since we haven't eaten our dinner yet, we decided to eat the Trinoma's fast food area. The only reason we want to eat there because there's PEPPER LUNCH!!! So, we ate our dinner at Pepper Lunch... it's supposed to be Pepper Dinner lol, jk. Corny. Haha.

My tito & Jorel ordered the Beef Teriyaki for each of them(Php 188)
If you guys haven't tried Pepper Lunch yet, it's a must! As you can see from the pictures, the food looks raw, and yes, it still is. The only reason that it's that way because you're supposed to mix it like a fried rice until it's cooked! The plates are very hot and sizzling so be careful though. And after that, it tastes like HEAVEN, I tell you. Lol.

For me and Jober, we each ordered the Chicken Pepper Rice (Php 145) This is our personal favorite!

This is what the food looks like when mixed all together.

So, there, this was just a simple food blog post and mini review! Hope you enjoyed reading. 

Thank you. :)

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