Miyerkules, Mayo 30, 2012

May 30, 2012 - Guardian for a day

Surprisingly, I woke up extremely early today, maybe around 8am, I guess. It's really new for me because I'm used to waking up in the afternoon, and maybe even in the evening already. I was happy I woke up early because I really want to correct my messed up sleeping pattern. -_-

So today, my uncle said that I would accompany my cousin to St. Mary's. He has an interview there. We went there and waited for our turn. Since the parents of my cousin are not home and are too busy at their work, I stood up as his guardian for today. I actually felt good because I helped him in the school he wants to enroll in. I also felt independent. The interviewer asked us some questions and he approved my cousin in St. Mary's. It's actually awkward because a cousin is not a typical person you bring in a school interview -_- but nonetheless, I'm happy I helped my cousin today. :)

Here's a quick shot of the outfit I wore today:

It's nothing special really. Just my typical casual outfit. I am also into big statement rings and long necklaces lately, and I've been wearing one of each almost every time I go out. :)

Here are the accessories I wore today! I love vintage stuffs. They're cheap yet they look pretty. :)

Of course I can't go out of the house without taking a picture of myself first. LOL. Sorry for the vanity!

Meanwhile, during the evening, I went inside my the room of my siblings. I saw them painting and my sister asked if I could draw her a flower. So, I did. I was planning to draw a simple child-like drawing of a flower, but I got carried away and put effort into it. Haha. I also enjoyed and felt relaxed while doing so. Here are some photos of my drawing using oil pastels as my medium.

I guess that's it. Thanks for reading! :)

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