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Tips for the incoming Seniors

It's May 28, 2012 already, only a few days away from the start of classes. It just felt like yesterday when it was the first day of my Senior year. Senior year was one of the most fun years in High School, but I guarantee, that it is the most heartbreaking year in your High School life, because every event, every contest, examination, field trip, retreat, it will be your LAST. Not literally last in your whole li fe, but the last as a high school student. Come to think of it, you should be happy right? Because, you're leaving High School already. All those four years of frustrations and hard work are now paying off, all those nights that you stay up late trying to finish your project or homework, or all those times when you have always hated waking up at 6 or 7 in the morning are over, and at last! You're finally done with it. BUT NO. I thought that one too, that I would be happy that I was finally graduating, but I was wrong. My Senior year was so fast. 10 months of spending a whole school year felt like just a month! I may sound exaggerated but it really is.

My advice to you Seniors is that you cherish every moment you spend with your classmates, especially if you've stayed in your Alma Matter for a long time. Reunite with your old friends, say thank you, and learn to say sorry because all those years, I'm sure there is an instance that you've hurt them once in awhile. You know why? Because you might not see them next school year. It's College already! Sad to say, you might not see them forever even. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE. Even though some of your classmates may seem annoying, you'll surely miss these people.

Do your best in everything you do. STUDY HARD, and I mean real hard. Work your ass off on all the requirements, exams, etc. TAKE REVIEW CLASSES. If you don't you'll regret it later. Trust me, I've experience that and it's FUCKING disappointing and sad to FAIL EVERY top university you applied for. College entrance exams are SO FUCKING HARD if you didn't study, I tell you. It's not a typical trimestral or quarterly examination that you get in school. If you don't review and just wish the best of luck, then luck will not find you. I swear guys, it's not too late to take review classes. Some offer Saturday classes. If you want to be accepted in the top universities that is. (Ateneo, La Salle, UP, UST.) But if you don't care what college you will go to, then enjoy. Hahaha. I didn't take review classes, because no one told me I should! I didn't know entrance tests were so hard, because again, no one told me. I failed Ateneo, La Salle, and UST. I feel so bad whenever I see the results that I am not qualified. It hurts. Most especially when those schools are my dream schools, and I have no choice but to accept. Because no matter how hard I cry, the results won't magically change. When I took the test, I didn't review nor study at all. I just wished the best of luck and prayed, but unfortunately, we can't count on those. I just stared at my answer sheet and booklet because I don't know anything. Now, it's almost June, and I still have no college. It's frustrating and sad.

To the incoming seniors, I don't want this to happen to you guys. I don't want your generation make the same mistake I did, and I hope all of you get accepted in your dream college. :) Some people don't mind if it's a top university as long as they're studying, and I really wish I had that kind of optimism in life but my mother always had high expectations for me as a daughter. I'm sure all our parents are like that, so I fully understand her.

On the other hand, if you take review classes and did not pass the test, well, here is my advice, just think of it that it is not for you, God has better plans for you and think that there are a lot of schools that are great. Apply as early as June. The start of your Senior year, not the start of college okay? Don't be like me. Although being in the top universities would be great, but always keep in mind that IT'S NOT THE SCHOOL THAT MAKES AND BREAKS YOU. You just have to be driven, responsible, and hard-working.

I graduated last March 28, 2012. During graduation, it did not sink in yet. I feel like I will see the people around me there in the next school year. Until now, it hasn't sinked in. I wish I could back in High school and never leave. I'll miss those people. My friends, classmates, the teachers, and even the school itself.  Four years of High School felt like it ended so soon. :(

I don't know yet what College will feel like, and this is another chapter of my life that I am yet to discover. I hope this journey would be fun as my High School was.

(All the statements I have stated are based from my own experience and opinions.)

So to the incoming seniors,

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