Lunes, Mayo 28, 2012

May 28, 2012 - College application & Grocery shopping

So it's Monday today, I got up at 2pm and got ready to go to St. Mary's College Quezon City with my cousin, but before that, I got dolled up first. Put make up on and took pictures of myself ;)


Anyway, he wants to enroll there so I accompanied him and we inquired together with my uncle. Unfortunately, the line was so long. @-) So I had to leave my uncle to wait in line because I need to rush to Trinity University of Asia so I could submit my college applications. When I was in the college department of Trinity already, I immediately lined up at the registrar. There were a number of people applying, submitting forms and their other requirements. I waited in line, and because I hate waiting so much, I find it very disturbing and irritating. Lol, sorry. :D But, I still waited for my turn! Good thing some guy let me submit first. So I submitted my form and the lady asked me to wait until I get called. I didn't expect it because I thought submitting forms doesn't take long. So I patiently waited for about 15-20 minutes standing, and she called my name! The lady said I should pay in the cashier. I asked the guard where the cashier is, I got lost at first, so I went back and asked him again. Luckily, I found it. Hahaha. So I sat there, I didn't know there was a line, so I just sat at the end, and people were sitting in between. So they were like making "SINGIT" or something. =)) I don't know what they call it. I'm so stupid. Well, it's my fault anyway I sat at the end of the line apparently -_- so when the guard said it's a line and I had to move forward every time someone's done paying, I got the whole idea that I had to wait until my turn :( So I waited again patiently for 20 minutes and I payed the entrance test fee. They said I should go to the guidance, so I did. I got lost again! Haha. Good thing the facilitators and people there were so nice and accommodating! And plus, the university is so nice, big and clean! I want to study there :( Anyway, I found the guidance center so I asked for a schedule. Finally, I have my entrance exam schedule. Yes, I know it's last minute. :( I'll be going back there to take my exam tomorrow! I hope I pass. :) I never really thought that it's so hard to apply for college, and so time-consuming! It's actually my first time to apply by myself, and it's not easy. I always ask the help of my yaya to submit forms, but she wasn't around today so I had to do it.

So there, I'm done with that. We got home. I cooked spam fried rice for me and my cousin! I want to cook for myself because I feel like I'm independent. After that, I rested for a while. At around 6pm, our whole family went to the grocery! I love grocery shopping with them because I can get anything :) So here are some of the things I got from Robinson's.

I bought Nestle Fitnesse cereals, Cowhead Slim milk, Quaker Oats cookies, Skyflakes fit, and Carbtrim iced tea mix. Noticed something? Yes, it's all healthy foods and diet foods. I really want to lose weight really really bad so I bought some food that I could eat in replacement of rice, junkfoods, and sweets. I hope I resist though. :) I also bought some hygiene things for my bathroom, facial scrubs, etc. :) I also bought salad stuff but they're in the fridge downstairs already :D

YES, I AM DESPERATE..... UGH :( I hope I lose weight and be so skinny before I turn 18!

This was a long post, so I'll stop now. Hehe. Bye :)

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