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Hi everyone! Since I am a huge fan of Youtube beauty & D.I.Y. gurus, I watch them every single day and adapted some of their skills! They post different do-it-yourself tutorials on how to make your own jewelry holder, nail polish holder, memo board, ombre shorts, dip-dye jeans, and more creative ideas.

Since I badly need a jewelry holder (specifically for necklaces), I decided to make one on my own. I know I have no originality but the ideas of these gurus are extremely useful!

 I watched different tutorials on Youtube, bought different materials from my local craft store, & BAM!
This is the finish product of my necklace holder.

I'm actually happy with my work. It looked pretty. Well, at least for me though. It keeps my necklace organized and I can see everything and get what I want easily. The only downside of this "thing" right here is that it's not sturdy, because it's only made of illustration board taped on my wall, a thin cork board and gift wrapping paper, it's not actually as thick as I imagined it would be. The only thing I used to hang the necklaces are thumbtacks, so it falls easily. :( but later on, I'll recreate and make it better. :)

Plus, I know the picture doesn't look evenly taped on my wall but it is. :)

Another thing I created out of boredom during this summer is Ombre shorts! Because ombre shorts are in right now, I want to make my own since I have also watched tutorials on how to make it. I got my old pair of shorts and decided to tweak it a little bit.

Here is the before:

After dip dye-ing my shorts in the sink with bleach, cutting the ends and putting some holes to make it a more ragged look, and finishing it off with some gold and silver studs, here is the finish product:

I was pretty happy with the outcome, although I wished it would look better. LOL. I was supposed to dye it a different color, like light pink and turquoise, but I got lazy. Meh. Nonetheless, I found some good use for my old shorts that I had for like, 5 years? Hahaha.

So those are my D.I.Y.'s so far! :)

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