Martes, Enero 14, 2014

Macau Photo Diary: Day 4

 Hello everyone! Sorry if I have been slacking on posting here in my blog lately. Been so stressed with school because midterms week starts tomorrow! I am actually supposed to study Physics and Oral Communication right now but my mind is not yet in the mood to do so... So for the mean time, here's my last Macau Photo Diary! <3

DSC_0100 Waiting for the Bus 8A to get to Macau tower!

DSC_0113 Eh kasi... Ang tagal dumating nung bus HAHA

DSC_0169 Rafy and her newly bought Furby!

DAY4Macau McCafe's Oreo Cheesecake! Aaaah I miss this! My sister and I love this to bits!
 DAY4Macau Blueberry Cheesecake! Craving one right now...
 DAY4Macau My uncle reading Macau's newspaper hahaha chos!
 DAY4Macau After Macau tower, we headed to Senado Square to stroll around and make the most of our last night there
 DAY4Macau WE LOVE MACAU!!!! <3
 DAY4Macau Picture - picture sa fitting room ng Gap!

DAY4Macau St. Paul Ruins! I didn't actually know why my sister and I didn't took a photo of us with this... We must be really tired already haha

and that's it for our last night in Macau! Leaving that place is sad. It was truly a memorable experience <3

Will post a new blog post soon after and it's my airport outfit on the way back to Manila! Stay tuned!
xx, Iyah

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