Sabado, Enero 18, 2014

Macau #OOTD: Day 5

 Hello everyone! This is my last Macau #OOTD post and I'm back to regular programming again! 

Hopefully I'd do out soon so I can post new fashion posts... For the mean time, do you have any requests on what kind of blog post I should do next? :)
1 I super love this shot, unfortunately, my shorts are peeking through. lol. I never got used to wearing skirts without shorts underneath, unfortunately I forgot to bring my black cycling shorts on our Macau trip so I had to make use the denim ones I had. I hope you don't mind :P


The weather that day was cold and super windy! So my sister and I really had a hard time taking photos because our hair was always covering our faces! I hope you liked the windy effect, nonetheless! :)

xx, Iyah

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