Linggo, Enero 05, 2014

Macau #OOTD: Day 4

Hi everyone! I'm feeling so productive today despite the fact that I only had 3 hours of sleep and I have a cold. I am so hyper, it must be the Iced Latte I had from McDonald's last night lol. I just got done from a jog also because I'm finally back on track in working out and eating healthy after all the Holiday weight I gained. Getting ready for Summer 2014! ;) See how hyper I am? And now I'm blogging. Haha. In awhile I will get ready for school. Yes, back to reality! I can't wait to see my friends!

Okay... Enough with the blabber and on to the outfit post of me and my sister! This is what we wore during our 4th Day in Macau!

 My body before all the food I ate during the Holidays... *sigh*

 My sister and I love to match our outfits even if it's just one piece of clothing. In this outfit, we both wore shorts and stockings! It was really cold there so I took advantage of all the fall slash winter inspired outfits I could try out. Plus, I finally found out that I have this love for layering clothes!



And that's it! So what do you think of our outfits? This is actually my favorite outfit out of the bunch. How about you? By the way, I have one last outfit post! Please forgive me! Haha.

Time to get ready for school! Until my next blog post.
xx, Iyah

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