Sabado, Hunyo 22, 2013

Debut Series: Predebut Pictures (Burlesque Look)

Happy Sunday everyone! Sneaking again another blog post because I have nothing to do. I honestly want to go to school right now ( that's something you don't read everyday! lol) I just want to see my friends and just laugh the day away :( hashtag clingy friend right here :P

Anyway, since I've told you guys that I will be showing you my predebut pictures, here is the second batch. The stylists peg was more of a Victoria's Secret, pin-up girl, burlesque look! This look is actually one of my favorites because I haven't worn anything as daring as this before, but I love it. <3

Looks like I'm dancing "Gentleman" here. Lol but I wasn't haha! I can't even dance to save my life...

I really hope I pulled off such an extremely sexy outfit. What do you think? Did I? Haha :P One of the biggest reasons why I tried to lose weight was this photoshoot and the debut itself. 

And that's it. Which one is your favorite from the bunch? Let me know! :)
xx, Iyah

Note: The clothes are not mine, all clothes, accessories and shoes I wore from the shoot are from my stylists that day, all thanks to Ate Racquel Gutierrez and Kuya Kimmer Ferrer. They were very kind enough to lend and style me with all these pretty clothing! <3 <3

Also I want to thank my uncle, Tito Absy Dacer for taking such great photos. I actually had to rush him to edit my photos so I would just have something post here! My make up artist, Ate Mel Mateo, and my coordinator of course, Tito Egay Cubelo

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  1. I like your firdt pic.. Your so pretty and you have cool hair color! Haha. Ano pong kulay yung buhok mo? :) Hope you'll have a great debut! Godbless! :D

  2. Hmmm too bad I can't see the photos >.< Bandwidth exceeded >.<

    Keep in touch dear!
    Happy weekend! (^_~)v

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  3. Like FOREVER will be the most Prettiest and Beautiful Inside and Out! Gaahhh it gives me chills whenever i see your Blog because it is soo insteresting! I soo Forever Love You Ate Iyah ♥♡♥♡ as in forever-ever will be my IDOL! (We are never getting back together tune-Taylor Swift) hihi! I made also my own blog it is because of Youuuu! :* or ♥♡♥♡

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  4. awesome very pretty.... :)
    happy bday :)
    post mo din dto kng pwde ung mga happenings mo sa debut mo ha
    hehe :)
    idol kta e :)
    thank you :)