Miyerkules, Mayo 01, 2013


Hi everyone! As I've promised, this outfit is one of the outfits I wore when we went to Batangas. So here it is. This has been in my drafts for weeks now (Well, what's new? I always leave outfit posts hanging my drafts... Haha.)

Everything hasn't going pretty well for me lately. If you are subscribed to my Facebook, you'd probably know why. The Social Media is just a huge world. Once you post something, there's no guarantee that everyone will like it. Some may have negative comments & thoughts. I've only learned that until today. People can judge you. Sometimes they don't even know the whole story but they still do. It's a part of life. It's a free country & everyone deserves to share their own opinion. 

I've learned that you can't please everybody. Some may love you, some may not. It just how life goes. I know myself better than the people who have judged me, but sometimes we have to be careful with what we say or what we do because not all the people in the world have the same perspectives like we have.

Don't be afraid to show your true self. It's what you are, and people who truly care about you wouldn't even ask you to change because they love you, just like Bruno Mars' song, "just the way you are" Haha!

Every person has their own problems. Just raise your head up high. God won't give you anything you can't handle, and just remind yourself, "This too shall pass." :)

xx, Iyah

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