Linggo, Abril 21, 2013

Neon Meets Florals

Hi everyone! As I've told you in my previous blog post that I have more upcoming outfit shots to show you. Here's one of them. This has been in my drafts for more than a week now. I have been so lazy lately and my 5 year old sister is using my laptop for her Barbie games... So I'm using my uncle's laptop to type all these.

Anyway, here's what I wore during our 2nd day of our weekend vacation at Batangas! Thank God my uncle is a camwhore like me so we take turns in taking pictures. I'm his photographer and he's mine.

I wanted my outfit to be as striking as possible, because what's summer without bright colors? And what could be more striking than a neon top and a pair of statement floral shorts. I combined them together and I loved how it turned out.

Sorry if I'm showing off too much skin in my posts lately. It's just so hot this summer! It's unbearable. I literally sweat after I come out of a cold shower. If you're from the Philippines like I do, I know you feel me!

I bought this Rosary bracelet at the resort we stayed in. I love buying memorable pieces and items from the places I go to because it serves as a remembrance to me whenever I go out of the country or out of town. If you notice that flipflops I wore in the full-body picture I have above, those I bought in Hong Kong Disneyland! And now it serves as a remembrance to me because during that time, my boots gave up on me :P so I had to buy it. See what kind of memory it gives? Haha. I just love Adventure. I want to travel the world even. Haha. Sorry for being so random!

So, I guess that's it. I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I did! <3
Thank you for reading!

Neon Tank Top: Forever21 | High-waisted Floral Shorts: Redhead, SM Department Store | Rosary Bracelet: Club Balai Isabel Gift Shop | Shades: Makati Cinema Square | Flipflops: Hong Kong Disneyland

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  1. loving the floral and summery outfit! I can feel the summer! ^_~

  2. Hi Iyah. Love your summer outfit. So fresh! Don't mind showing some skins keri mo naman! :)) Hope you'll continue to blog coz i find your blog interesting. Im a newbie blogger maybe you can dropped by on my blog and perhaps you can follow me too? Thanks.

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thank you, Lhen! :) Yes, I will! I find it so overwhelming that you find my blog interesting. :D Sure, I'll follow you back! :)