Huwebes, Enero 17, 2013

Down To Earth

Don't you just love neutral colors? Apparently, I only started to enjoy neutral colors last year. From make up to clothes. I realized that neutral colors are timeless. It may look dull and boring but all it takes is a dash of accessories to complete the look.

So yesterday, my family and I went to Sherwood to visit my uncle's restaurant. I was surprised that I got a lot of compliments with it and they said I look thin (Waaah thank you hahaha) so I immediately took some outfit shots when I got home and thought that it was blog-worthy :)

And do you know that all the clothes I wore down to the heels are my mom's!? When I ran out of clothes to wear, I immediately go to my mom's closet and I somehow find the perfect piece to build my outfit from there. I swear I feel like my mom's closet is magical haha 

Neutral colors aren't as boring as you think when you pair it with the right accessories! In this case, this brown top and harem pants look too dull, what I did is I tucked it in and put a belt to cinch in my waist. I also matched my outfit with my nude colored leopard envelope clutch and bangles to add some leopard touch to the outfit. Last thing I did was put on a long necklace since my top was too plain. I actually loved how it turned out.

As for the shoes, I also decided to choose something that has the same color pallete with my outfit. So I chose this pair of brown heels. Yes, also my mom's. Haha.

Top: Anne Klein
Harem Pants: Mango
Belt: Zara
Heels: Chinese Laundry
Clutch: Wade

And that's it. What do you think about my outfit? I appreciate comments! <3
Thank you for reading. :D

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  1. sexy!!! I love it ate Iyah!!! I love how you dress up and how you do your own make-up. You and your friend Erica, who has a pretty blog too, inspired me to dress up well. Thank u! Kaya lalo nai-inlove si Dudung eh. Simply pretty! :*