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Halloween 2012: Medusa Transformation

Hi everyone! Here's what I wore for Halloween at Ayala Heights. I really had fun trick or treating. I don't do that as a kid, so I made the most out of it now.

For Halloween, I dressed up as Medusa. I really had no intentions of doing so. During Halloween, all I ever thought I will be is a Vampire. It's the usual, right? But this time is different.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a tutorial, nor an outfit post. I just wanted to share to you guys what I dressed up as! Just something different than my usual blog posts. :)

This is my eye make up for the day. I made quite a few mistakes but it's all good! I'm still new to the make up world. :) Sorry also for my untamed eyebrows and my pimple!  Hahaha. Anyway, I opted for a smokey green eye look. Since my costume is somewhat similar to that color. Plus, snakes are usually green, right? lol.

I don't own a curling iron so this is the best thing I could do to have my hairs curled. I kind of look like Medusa more before I took the rollers off. Haha. I won't look like Medusa if I have straight hair because she has snakes all over her head. I'll just pretend that the curls are my baby snakes. Haha.

This is how my make up looks like close up! What do you think of my amateur Medusa look? I opted for a wearable look. :) I added a plum colored lipstick because in some pictures I googled, Medusa has dark purple lips. It compliments my green eye shadow too. :)

I added gold accessories to complete the whole look. Of course, I will never take off my cross necklace even if I wore a Bib necklace over it. It has sentimental value because my boyfriend gave it to me.

This is how my hair looked like after I took the rollers off.
 It actually had worn off within just an hour :( 
I found this costume at Toys R Us. It's actually a long dress and it has a slit. 

What do you think of my Medusa Transformation? I appreciate feedback.
Comment down below. :)

XO, Iyah

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  1. Very nice!! the transformation is great,,

  2. You are such a gorgeous looking MEDUSA! Two thumbs up for the make-up!! You are really good at it!! :)
    -xoxo, FRANCES

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    Click this link to get a colorful, floral bustier dress! Goodluck! :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thank you so much!! :) I am overwhelmed!!!! :D

  3. You are the prettiest Medusa I have ever seen! Loving it and I heart your hair! ^_~

  4. Cute, you did super good for someone who is still new to the make-up world.

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thank you so much. That is very over whelming :)