Martes, Oktubre 30, 2012

Studs All Over

Hi everyone! Just wanted to sneak in an outfit post. This was taken earlier today before I went to Trinoma with my family. We bought costumes and special effects make up for tomorrow's Trick or Treat :) Can't wait to share to you guys what I am dressing up as! :)

Anyway, today is one of the rare times that I actually wear a dress out to the mall. I never got used to it. I feel much more comfortable wearing jeans because it hides my huge legs. But, since all the jeans are in the laundry, I had no choice. Well, change is good, isn't it? :)

Excuse my huge thighs, I really gained so much weight for the past two years.

 I love this belt! It's full of studs, and I love studs. lol

 This is just a hand me down bag from my mom. I can't afford a Chanel bag *sigh* and I think I won't   ever buy one since I don't find having high-end bags worth it. Well, that's just my case :)

This is not part of my outfit but I just want to share to you guys my iPhone case!! It's pink and aztec which makes it awesome. LOL.

What do you think of my outfit? Comments are loved. <3
Thanks for reading!

XO, Iyah

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