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Halloween 2012: What we did that day

This is actually a personal blog post. I just want to share what we did on the 31st of October. We celebrate our Halloween at Ayala Heights, Quezon City. Their village really puts up an effort in this holiday. They design their homes, host parties, and so much more. We even had a chance to go inside the Haunted House.

Because, this is a once in a year event, we decided to put an effort in our costumes and make up. It's this time of the year that we can basically dress up as anything and anyone we want, without people judging us. We could dress up as our favorite superhero, wear dark bold lips and eye make up, and more.

My uncle has always put effort in these kind of events. He woke up early just to start doing his "special effects" make up. Here's what he looked like when he just started doing his magic!

And here's what he looked like after! Pretty amazing, huh? I don't really understand what he's character is... How about you? What do you think? :)

Here's my cousin dressed up as a Zombie. My uncle also did his make up. It's just tissue, glue and fake blood. :)

My little sister as Jessie from Toy Story

My baby brother as Woody from Toy Story

My cousin as a witch

Daphnie as Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Alexa as a Fairy Princess (She took off her wings when I took a picture of her.)

Alonzo as a Race car Driver

Steph as a Fairy

and me, as Medusa

We basically went creative for this event. A lot of people are dressed up there too. I even saw a family wearing Flinstones costume! This is what my family wore on that event. :)


And that's it, I hope you enjoyed my blog post!
Thanks for reading. :)

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XO, Iyah

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  1. I like your Halloween costume!
    Medusa lang ang peg :)
    It definitely suits you.
    A hot MEDUSA it is. lol :))

    By the way, I just nominated you for THE LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD.

    You can check it out in this link: :)

  2. What camera are you using. Great quality! xoMevs