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Save vs. Splurge: ELF vs. NARS Blush And Bronzer Duo

I've had this in my drafts for more than a month now and I think it needs some publishing time! So, here is a comparative review between NARS and ELF. Some say ELF is the dupe for this NARS duo. 

Hmmmm... Let's find out.

Packaging looks pretty similar and with size too. Each both have mirrors which is essential. The material is different. NARS one is rubberized. It's fancy, yes. But it attracts dust easily, while the ELF one is plastic but it's not flimsy.

As you can see, the ELF one has a larger pan.


Obviously, all of the colors are quite different. The Nars blush is a shimmery peachy pink, while the ELF one is really peach with shimmers too, but much less compared to Nars. The Nars bronzer has more of an orange under tone while the ELF is more on the brown side.

The Nars one is more pigmented.

As with the quality, Nars feels so silky compared to ELF which has a chalky texture.

I don't know how much it lasts on the skin since I am very oily.

Nars - 1,850.00 PHP, ELF - 250.00 PHP... Enough said! LOL

All in all, I can say that both of these products are good and work well on my skin. I didn't have any problems with it! 

So is it a dupe or not? Packaging wise, yes. But the colors are not. :)

How about you? Which do you like better? Will you SPLURGE or SAVE? :D

Thanks for reading!

10 komento:

  1. yeah. the colors of both duo's are quite different, i'll bu the ELF one first :D ang mahal ng NARS :D

    Mga Tugon
    1. True! I was choosing between the two and I bought the ELF one, thank God I got the NARS one as a gift later on :)

  2. My heart just leapt.. I thought it was the Nars laguna bronzer.. ;))

    Mga Tugon
    1. It is! Just not the full sized one though :)

  3. Nice review sis! Deep throat is gorgeous! :)

  4. very nice... I'll love that product! both of them..

    New follower here, please do check my site if you have time. :)

  5. i love both products and i can't choose which one i love better! but the ELF one is definitely a dupe of the NARS duo :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. They both are really good!! :D Yes true :)