Lunes, Setyembre 03, 2012

Teal, White and Gold Eye Makeup

NOTE: This post has been a draft for more than a month now, so I made this at around July, I think. I was just too busy to publish it. Nonetheless, enjoy :)


Neutral eye makeup has always been my favorite to apply to my eyes since they go with anything, anytime and anywhere, but sometimes I get bored with the same look and decide to experiment!

A few days ago, this necklace along with another one, came in the mail. I ordered this from Passion For Fashion. Check out their online shop, they have really nice and affordable clothes and accessories! :) 

I was actually inspired by the colors of this bib necklace that I decided to create a look that resembles it and that is Teal, White and Gold eyeshadow.

Spot my grandmother at the back LOL! She matches my eyes and my necklace. Haha! :)
Wearing bright and fun colors won't do you wrong as long as it's worn in an appropriate occasion! This look that I did is perfect for parties, clubbing, photoshoots, and the like. :)

Like my look? Here's how I did it:
1. Prime your lids with eyeshadow primer so the eyeshadows adhere better to your lids, won't crease, last long, and the color would appear more vibrant
2. Apply a shimmery white eye shadow on the inner corner to brighten up the eyes and also all over the lid

3. Apply a blue green eyeshadow color on the center of the lids
4. Apply a teal eyeshadow color on the outer lid
5. Apply a dark blue color on the outer V for more dimension
6. Thinly line your eyes with a cat-eye to have an appearance of chinky eyes and fuller lashes.
7. Do your usual face routine (Foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, etc.)

Why does this come second to eye makeup? Usually, some formulas of eyeshadows tend to have fall outs, thus ruining your make up canvas that you did earlier to your face. This is one tip in order for you to prevent having fall outs on your cheeks and under the eyes.

8.  Apply nude lipgloss/lipstick.

Why nude? Because the eye makeup is already bright and colorful. The focus of the look is the eyes and this is where it draws attention. Applying a bright lipstick may look overdone and thus making you look like a clown, especially if it's red! Balance is the key. :)

1. e.l.f. 100 eye shadow pallete
2. Maybelline Gel Liner
3. Nars Lip Gloss in Orgasm
4. Etude House BB Magic Pact
5. Urban Decay Primer Potion

I only used 5 products in this look. I was too lazy to apply foundation/BB Cream, blush and bronzer. I didn't even defined my brows. LOL. So I am very sorry for the boring face. I just used powder to mattify my face. Sometimes, less is more. Once in a while, let your skin breathe. Applying too many products may be damaging to your skin :)

So that's it. I hope you enjoyed this look and try it out sometime! :)
What do you think of my look? Comment down below! :)

Xoxo, Iyah

DISCLAIMER: I am not a make up artist. I just love make up and I enjoy applying it. I don't have the capability to do professional looking make up and I am currently exploring and experimenting the creative world of make up artistry :) 

So please forgive me if I don't apply some make up correctly or if I make mistakes xx

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  1. Iyah! I'm so impressed with your creativity! Keep it up girl :)

  2. I think its pretty! Maybe you should blend it a little more para the harsh edges are not that halata. :) *kala mo expert e noh?!* hehe
    The picture with lola is cute! hehehe.. Maybe you can do an ELF review?!

    Make yourself busy, little sister! :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thank you sis! :) Will definitely keep that in mind. Thanks for the tip :D Hahaha yes! Dagdag effect siya eh. :)) Sure thing! I will soon. Thank you Ate! Mwah. :* xx

  3. iyahhh! :) i like your makeup effect :) keep it up. and stay pretty. <3

  4. Iyah, I think you apply eyeshadow well - for me it's one of the hardest parts of makeup! :)

    The Misty Mom

    PS - Will be having a BIG GIVEAWAY soon! Do follow if you wanna be updated about it:)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thank you so much! :) xx Will follow you via GFC :D

  5. Nice makeup look. it still really hard for me to combine colors for eye makeup. =(
    if you don't mind, follow my blog. i followed yours.

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thank you! :) All I do is practice, you can do it too. :D Will follow you back xx

  6. Hello Iyah,
    I found your blog on BSN. I am your newest follower! I thought you might be interested in my mini-serie on chemicals in make up and particularly Part2: eye shadow
    See you soon, Esmeralda from

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thank you for following!! Will follow you back :) xx