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RAVE: Can't get enough of Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butters!

Revlon's ColorBurst Lip Butters has been a recent hype and rave in the Youtube world of many beauty gurus. Since I have always been concerned about products, I wanted to try it out. I also read a lot of positive reviews about this product, that's why I didn't hesitate to order one.

According to Revlon...

"Buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips 94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated."

If you are someone who loves to wear lipstick and still have smooth, soft and hydrated lips, then who would even say "no" to that statement?

I purchased these babies from Stuff in Style for 320 pesos. Our local drugstore outlets that has a Revlon counter sells this as well, but it is priced at 525 pesos. So if you want to purchase this, I suggest you just order from Stuff in Style instead because it is definitely cheaper.

Don't worry, this online shop carries US Authentic Cosmetics! Just a heads up for those who are worried about buying fake make-up.

I already have two lip butters before these three, so that is why I wanted to get more because I had loved it so much.

Lip Butters in Red Velvet, Raspberry Pie & Lollipop. Don't you just love the yummy names? :-)

The packaging is similar to their Colorburst lipsticks which is a quilt-like pattern but this one is colored and translucent. It automatically indicates the color. If you don't know the ColorBurst lipsticks I am referring to, here is a picture and also a short information about it in Revlon's website: CLICK HERE.

Drugstore make up brands don't often have boxes for lipsticks, but I'm glad they are sealed for protection.

These are all the lip butters I have! Including the old ones I had two months ago.
Respectively; Raspberry Pie, Red Velvet, Cherry Tart, Lollipop, Sweet Tart.

All these lip butters have shimmer, but it is not too noticeable when applied on the lips. You can never expect these to be matte during application as it is a lip butter, which means it has the consistency of a lip gloss, lip balm and lipstick put together in one tube.

Raspberry Pie lies between the color of a fuchsia and a red.

Red Velvet is a dark reddish shade with brown tones.

Cherry Tart is a bright red. This one has the most shimmer.

Lollipop is a fuchsia color. Simple as that, but it gives a whopper of a statement.

Sweet Tart is a bright and bold light pink color. This one is my favorite. :-)

Left side, top to bottom: Raspberry Pie, Red Velvet & Cherry Tart
Ride side, top to bottom: Lollipop & Sweet Tart

This picture actually annoys me. It is not in a landscape position. :-( I actually took this using my iPhone because my Nikon D90 is so hard to use when taking close up shots. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed my photos! :-)

- It definitely lives up to it's claim. My lips gets really dried up when using lipsticks, even high-end ones like Mac, but this one does not. It really softens, smoothens, and hydrates my lips!
- Has a variety of shades that ranges to nudes, pinks, reds, orange, and even browns. Has 20 shades.
- The colors are very wearable despite the fact that some colors are very bold.
- Cheap! :-) Hooray!

- Because of the buttery consistency, it easily sticks to coffee mugs, glasses, and the like when you drink.
- Doesn't contain a lot of product :-( I think the bullet is only 2 inches? I'm not sure though. By the way, the pictures shown above is not the exact length of the bullet, it is much more longer. I just don't want to expand it too much as it might break or something. Haha!

So, I think that's all I can say. That's about it so far! Haha. All in all, I love this product. This is my favorite lipstick ever. I'd give up MAC over these babies. ;)

Hope you find my review informative. Thank you for reading! :)

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  1. omg! thank you for visiting my blog. first post I've read from your blog and it already blew my mind. I love the products you reviewed. Therefore, I'm already a follower. keep it up.. ;)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Omg, thank you so much! :) I was amazed by your blog as well. Especially the Face of the Day and I Believe section. You are so pretty! :) This comment totally made my day <3

  2. Good thing I saw this! I've been wanting to get these, too. Great review!

  3. I've been thinking of buying these, but I hesitated thinking they won't live up to my expectations. Great review, I'll definitely try one of these soon. :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. It's definitely worth it! :) Thanks for reading my blog :) xx

  4. thanks for this review! i've been thinking a lot if i should get these! i think i'll have to try cherry tart! i love the color!

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thank you for visiting my blog!! :) Yes, Cherry Tart is a really nice and subtle red color. <3

  5. ooohhh.. Stuff In Style looks like an awesome site to shop! thanks for the link

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