Martes, Hulyo 03, 2012

Fashion Stylist & Make Up Artist for a day

So it's July 3, 2012 today. Classes were suspended late because we are College students. I don't know really know why people think we're waterproof. Lol. Anyway, so my friends and I decided to chill at my place instead, since we got dismissed at 3pm.

We played around my room and dolled ourselves up. Me and my friends became make up artists, fashion stylists, photographer and model for a day! I had a blast "working" with them. Haha!

So first, Lency put some make up on my friends. She's really good. Her inspiration from the looks she did is a Fairy Princess!

This is my fellow "make up artist for a day", Lency Arabelle. She did the eye make up of our friends and it's so gorg! While the noseline and eyeliner is by yours truly.


Not only that, me and my friends also dolled up their outfits as well! Some of them used my clothes because this was an unexpected "photoshoot" so they didn't had the chance to bring their own. :)

The first person we dolled up was Lency. Since she has a petite figure, I find body-con dresses suit her body type. I matched the dress with black pumps. The shortness of the dress and the height of the pumps made her long and flawless legs look longer! We also glammed up the look with a statement necklace and earrings.

Isn't she so pretty?

The next one is our friend, Lexy. He did his outfit by himself and this is what he came up with:

He matched his black long sleeves with a pair of white ripped jeans. It gives off a nice contrast. He also glammed it up and finished the look with these hot suede boot-like wedges!

He kept his look plain and simple and he only used minimal accesories, but look how classy this outfit came together! It really shows some attitude, plus the way he strikes his poses was just, wow. :)

The third one is Juss, I planned her outfit together. I combined a sheer turquoise top with a white accent matched with color-blocking body-con skirt. I mixed the two pieces together by sinching a thick white belt in her waist to make her curves more emphasized. She completed the look by putting on her boots.

The whole look really looked great and matched her skin tone. It is indeed a very colorful outfit and yet she still pulled it off. I love to dress this girl up because she has the perfect body figure, no wonder why she's a model! My friend, Juss is a freelance model and she really knows how to strike a pose in front of the camera! :)

The fourth one was Karina. She was my very first friend in College!

She was the one who chose the outfit she wore. I didn't really like the combination of an olive green jumpsuit and red wedges at first, it actually looked like she's celebrating Christmas, but nonetheless, she still looked gorgeous! Plus, I think it made a good colorblocking combination! :)

She is so pretty! She reminds me of Cherry Pie Picache, don't you think?

The last but not the least was Camille! Camille is such a sweet and feminine girl, and the outfit she wore is still sweet as she is.

She chose a white zippered dress, we also decided to sinch in a studded belt to emphasize her figure!
We kept it plain and simple and finished the look off with black pumps.

The outfit suits her because it's simple yet pretty, just like her. :)

So that's the end of my post! Sorry if this was way too long than the usual. I really had fun dressing up these wonderful people. I enjoyed styling them and taking pictures of them. I posted this because I really enjoyed what we did earlier.

Sorry for the low quality of the photos shown, I am only using my iPhone 4s. I will invest in a new camera soon for this blog! :)

Thank God for meeting these crazy people! I am so much enjoying my college life. :)

'til my next entry, thanks for reading! :)

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