Martes, Hunyo 12, 2012

Went Chinese for Lunch at King Bee

Hi, this is another food blog post! Sorry if I have been overflooding you guys with food posts lately, we just love to eat at restaurants and fast food areas, especially during the summer. But I promise you, I will soon do make up reviews, tutorials, fashion and other girly things! :)

Anyhow, earlier this afternoon, we had our lunch at King Bee at Seneca Building in Quezon City. It's along E. Rodriguez.

Crab and corn soup.

Chicken Feet.

Beef and Broccoli.

Sweet and Sour Pork.


Mango shake!

The food is delicious and the price is okay. Kinda more on the expensive side though.

Sorry guys if I wasn't able to state the prices, I can't find their menu online :/
Anyway, I love international food so I enjoyed my meal. :)

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