Martes, Hunyo 12, 2012

Monster Meal Deal Overload at Shakey's!

So yesterday, 12th of June 2012, we decided to have our lunch at Shakey's in E. Rodriguez, Quezon City. One of the reasons we want to eat there is the Fun Zone area, wherein my siblings can play around.

Plus, we ordered the Monster Meal Deal promo or something of Shakey's.
* This photo is not mine. Credits go to its rightful owner.


The ambience is nice, just a typical Shakey's restaurant. I love the fact that they made a Fun Zone area for the kids to enjoy.

So basically, the Monster Meal Deal composes of a large plate of Carbonara,

Pepperoni Pizza (Thin Crust, which what Shakey's is famous for)

One large platter of Spaghetti

 A lot of chicken and mojos!

Another pizza.

And garlic bread!

These meal also comes with drinks. I love that Shakey's thought of this idea. If you don't want to spent a lot of money and still feel bloated and satisfied with your meal, this is the way to go! Perfect for family get togethers, or having a simple celebration with a number of friends.

Nice one, Shakey's! ;)

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