Martes, Hunyo 19, 2012

Make Up Review: Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Hi everyone, so this is another make up review. Or is this my first one? I don't know. Haha! Anyway, last week, I lost my MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. :( Sad. I need eyeliner in my life so I decided to buy another one, I wanted to buy the Fluidline from MAC again but I wanna try the one from Maybelline because I have seen a lot of positive reviews about it in Make Up Alley.

So when I got to Landmark, Trinoma, I immediately went to their make up section. I was supposed to buy a lash glue from Ardell but it's out of stock :( Anyway, I spotted this baby at the Maybelline counter. Since the notes on their packaging was a bit promising, I didn't hesitate any longer and purchased it.

I bought this for 499.75, I think. So approximately 500 pesos, lol. It's actually cheap for it's great quality, plus this liner will last me for about 1-2 years, I guess? Or until it dries out. Lol.

This product claims to be quick drying, intense color, lasts all day, smudge-proof and water-proof and stays on for 24 hours. Well, if you are an eyeliner fan, you would be impressed with the information in the package. Well, atleast I was!

It also comes with an "expert" eyeliner brush, this is actually good, but I prefer an eyeliner brush because I am able to control it better than this and I am more used to it. This is too soft to actually put eyeliner, imho.

This is what the product looks like. The cap is like the cap of a Coca Cola glass bottle. It's actually really simple. Nothing fancy, but I don't really mind!

The color is really intense black!

So far, I have been using this for a week already, and these are all my honest opinions about the product:

1. It lives up to its claim, all the statement in the packaging are true, and the company didn't put that just to attract customers.
2. It stays really long. I tried to wear this the whole day, I even slept with it for a couple of hours, and still, the eyeliner stayed in place like the moment I applied it.
3. Smudge proof. I always scratch my eyes and it doesn't smudge.
4. I don't need to set it with a matte black eyeshadow. It's good on its own.
5. Quick drying. You don't need to close your eyes for 5 minutes just to wait for it to dry up! Lol.

1. The product dries up in the brush you used, so you have to clean it before you re-use it again. :/

If you are an eyeliner junkee and you want an affordable gel liner, then this is the way to go! It's very comparable to MAC's Fluidline, but I cannot say which is better.

Thanks for reading. :)

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