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Macau Trip: Day Two

Hi, I'm still alive! Haha. Haven't been blogging lately because my this term is really a struggle for me. Term papers, reports, laws, articles and case digests to memorize... Aaah, it's killing my sanity but I know this will all be worth it soon enough!! :)

Anyway, this is the part two of Macau travel post! I know it's really late but it's better than never, right? :D We actually stayed in Macau for four days, but the latter two days were just spent on shopping so I didn't have any nice pictures to show here.

Nonetheless, this is what we did during our second stay! I am just gonna show you some pictures with some captions since I still have a term paper to finish and I'm only half way done #collegelifeproblems




At the Venetian. This is actually inside the mall. I know the ambience looks like it's an outdoor, but the ceiling is just an illusion that it is. How creative is that idea?


The Gondola Ride! This actually reminds me of Italy despite the fact that I haven't been there yet though. Haha. We didn't took a ride anymore 'cause we would rather spend our money for shopping. :P






Down there is the Casino. Too bad we weren't able to come in because they only allow people aged 21 and above... *sigh*


And that's it! Our whole day was spent in the Venetian and we shopped our wallets off. It's absolutely a beautiful mall. <3 This trip gave us so much to remember and I would love to go back here! :)

Keep this blog post short and simple! Much love.
xx, Iyah :)

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  1. Wow! Amazing pictures! You guys had so much fun. And look at those shopping bags! :)

  2. I'd love to visit Macau someday, cute outfit!