Linggo, Mayo 19, 2013

Bow Back

This summer has been really boring for me. Besides the fact that I only had one outing with my family, I can't even go out and see my friends. I can be the type of girl who can sit in bed all day and just watch TV, but sometimes the adventurous side of me wants to go out and do extreme things.

I wanna learn so much this summer. I wanna take up culinary or art classes, or maybe even learn how to drive but somehow, the lazy part of me does nothing to do about it. *sigh*

Anyway, whenever the productive side of me strikes out, I do random things... and one of them is ripping my shirt lol. The shirt I am wearing in this outfit is something I did myself. I didn't make the exact top but I revamped it a bit with adding a bow back effect. I decided also to wear it out so you guys can see how it turned out. :)

Please excuse my back fat, big calves and my bra showing... But, what do you think about my little DIY? Will post a tutorial about it on this blog soon! :)

I guess that's it. There's nothing to say about the outfit really, but I hope you liked it nonetheless! Comment me what you think about it :D

xx, Iyah

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