Lunes, Nobyembre 19, 2012

Vegas Skies

Hello everyone! :)

So last Saturday, my mom's friend, Tita Josie, a make up artist from ABS-CBN went to our house for a visit. My mom said that she would teach me make up techniques, tips, and will do my hair and make up for that day just because. She suggested that I should also have a photo shoot at home, so my make up won't go to waste since I am not going out that day. 

Thankfully, my uncle is a photographer! Hooray! All photos are by him and post-processing by yours truly. :)

So here are the photos:
WARNING: Photo bombing at it's finest.

Please forgive my huge legs and thighs!

This is Tita Josie! I really learned a lot from her. :)

"We'll stop the clock together, and know that the timing was right."

Ever wondered why my title is like that? I am in no way near Vegas though, but I've been LSS to this song from The Cab lately. Just bringing a dramatic effect to my posts by using songs as titles! Lol. 

Lace Peplum Top: Wardrobe Check
Bandage Skirt: Forever21
Wedges: Zanea

What do you think of my whole look? :) Comments are loved!
Thanks for reading!

XO, Iyah

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