Sabado, Nobyembre 17, 2012

Make Up Review: Charm Retractable Kabuki

Hi guys!! Here's an initial review of Charm's Pink Retractable Kabuki. I had this for a few months now and I love it too bits.

I love anything PINK. It's an addiction, really. I've been wanting to order this online for ages but I was so lazy, and then I found a stall of Charm's Brushes in Crossings, Quezon City. Inside the Ramp. So, when I saw this, I didn't even think twice of buying it! 

Here's what the packaging looks like. It retails for PHP 580.00. Same price online.

Tadaaaaa! It's pink! It's so cute. I love the white and pink bristles. It's very unique. This brush is definitely soft. Applying powder is like a dream with this baby.

It is also dense for a powder brush. Look how much product it gets!

So to summarize everything:


1. It's very cute and pink! Plus, it's very handy. You can put it inside your make up bag or even your purse and not even having to worry about it being dirty because it's retractable.
2. The price is just right, and you really get what you are paying for: A HIGH QUALITY KABUKI BRUSH
3. It's really dense. You get lots of product.
4. It's retractable, so you can just squeeze the metal thing upwards and you can use it as a contour brush. Multi-functional.
5. It's Synthetic. No animals are harmed! 
6. It's travel friendly
7. No shedding whatsoever after the first, second, & third wash! 
8. Available both locally and online. (

1. It has some kind of smell the moment you buy it, but it will eventually go away after 2-3 washes
2. Takes so long to dry. Mine took 2 days.

That's all so far! I love this brush. :) 

My pretty baby sister modelling my cutesy brush! :)

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. :)
Hope you find my review informative!!

XO, Iyah

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  1. the brush is so cute!! i never own any pink brushes yet this might be the 1st one! your baby sister is super duper cute ! thanks for sharing the review =)

    Mga Tugon
    1. This is my first one!! :) Yes indeed. Thank you too! :)

  2. Haven't tried this particular Charm Brush but I'm a fan of the brand itself :)


    Mga Tugon
    1. This is my first time trying and I love the brand already! :)