Huwebes, Oktubre 18, 2012

Leopard Overload

The Leopard and Zebra print has been a trend since 2010. I've been wanting to have a clothing with these kind of prints back then, but it's so hard to find! Now, you can it see it EVERYWHERE. From clothes, to shoes, to bags, and more.

Although this trend has become too mainstream this 2012, I still love it! It gives a bold look to any outfit and it automatically transform a simple and plain outfit to a fabulous one. 

Pardon my very large forehead. I've been avoiding to have bangs because it causes pimples on my forehead.

Forgive my unruly hair as well. LOL. I need a haircut real soon! Don't you think? 

Obvious from the title, look how overloaded my leopard items are!
My cardigan, make up bag, wallet, bag and shoes! It's crazy. Haha.


Leopard Cardigan: Options from SM Department Store
Brown Inner Tank Top: Anne Klein
Jeggings: Robinson's Department Store
Leopard Bag: Prada
Leopard Make Up Bag & Wallet: Victoria's Secret
Necklace: Whatever
Leopard Loafers: Punkberry

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