Sabado, Setyembre 29, 2012

Water Marble Nail Art (First trial = FAIL)

The other day, I went to the supermarket and decided to buy some nail polishes. I've been watching this nail art on Youtube for quite some time now and I wanna try it for myself.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a tutorial guys. I just want to share to you my first trial! It's a fail though, but I want to share to you my experience anyway ;)

If you are not familiar of what a water marble nail art is, and how to do it, just search it on Youtube. There are a lot of helpful tutorials and designs you could find :D


Nail polish of different colors
Nail polish remover
Cotton swab

First, I put tape on the sides of my nails to protect them and to avoid nail polish to adhere onto my skin, since I will be dipping my nail in nailpolish.

 Here are the nail polishes I used respectively:
Caronia Kiwi. First Crush, and Summer Fling
Etude House PK009

 I opened the all the nail polishes already for an easier work.

 I then dripped the nail polish into the water one by one and it looked like this. 

 This  is another one I made which is far more better than the former picture.

 I used a toothpick to draw on designs

 I dipped my nails in the design I wanted, and look what happened.

I removed the tape and cleaned the edges with cotton swab and nail polish remover. Here is the finish product. It doesn't look really nice and clean. Forgive me please, this is my first time! Hahaha. Although I still like the design on my thumb and pinky.

I'll practice this again and share to you guys what's my experience during my next trials ;)

Hope you enjoyed reading even though it's a complete fail :D

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  1. I found you through blogaholic network
    wow ! how artistic! you won my follow hehe!
    i think i'm going to try that! thanks for the awesome post:)

    follow back !

  2. it's hard marbling ,
    my first try was an epic fail .