Sabado, Setyembre 29, 2012

Fringe Detail

Last September 21-24, 2012, we went to Nasugbu, Batangas. Chateau Royale to be exact to have a weekend getaway with the family. Jason's siblings were also with us since they are a family to us as well. :)

I have three outfit posts to publish, and this is the first one. This is what I wore in the first day! :)
Hope you like it. :D

Fringe details just screams "boho"
Or it just me? Haha! 

Since this is a sleeveless top, I decided to put a cardigan on because I have big arms. *sigh*

Emotera lang ang peg? Haha ewww. Sorry guys!!

Remember how a few years back that colored jeans were a big trend? It was probably 4-5 years ago. You would see people, most especially teenagers wearing green, pink, red, purple, orange jeans. It kind of went out of style later on, but it's back! I used to have loads of colored jeans because I love to follow the latest trends... Too bad I sold all of it in a garage sale 3 years ago. :( 

Just a random thought! Haha.

My family worships Feng Shui. Yes, that is not sarcastic. They encourage me to wear charm bracelets to "protect" me and they said it is lucky. Plus, I find this bracelet pretty too! :)

Fringe Top: Next Jeans
Red Jeggings: Never Been Kissed
Cardigan: Thrifted
Bag: Whatever
Bracelet: Charms and Crystals
Bib Necklace: Whatever

So what do you think of my outfit? Comments are loved! :)

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