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Hi everyone! Finally, a new blog post. I haven't had that much time to go out lately so I had no outfits to show here, but I will make it up to you soon.

My older sister and I are planning to blog our outfits while we're in Macau! We'll be leaving on December 10 with the whole fambam and I can't wait to share our trip with you guys. :)

Anyway, have you noticed the title? Well, this outfit reminds of sophisticated dressing. Maybe because that this is a hand-me-down dress from my mom, and everything she wears screams "sophisticated" for me. When I want to look like a classy, sophisticated and sweet young woman, I just pick up my mom's old clothes when she was a dalaga and that easily does the trick.

I even remember when I was around 13 years old, she was giving me her old clothes and I used to HATE it. I always told her that it was for old women and it doesn't suit my style! Now, I'm eating up my own words because I wear 50% of her closet. I was so naive back then. 




To explain more of my understanding on "Sophisticated Dressing", here are my qualifications on how to look dainty as you can possibly be. 

You can wear this look when you meet your boyfriend's family, a lunch of some sort, an office girl look, or maybe even a meeting. You have to look presentable and bring out your "mature woman look" and just look sweet and innocent.

1. Do not wear denim pants or t-shirts. It's too casual.
2. Your dress should be flowy, not the body-con type because that type is what you need for parties. And that is not the one you're going for.
3. It must not be extremely short. Just a little peak of your thighs and it's perfect.
3. HEELS. The ones like I'm wearing is perfect. Not too formal, not too casual. 
4. Make up must be minimal. Just enough to enhance your features.
5. I'm supposed to tied up my hair in a bun, but I forgot. I suggest you do!
6. Minimal accessories. A dainty necklace or just a pair of studs will do the trick. No need for the dangling kind.




I was trying to do a pose where my other foot is raised... but my lack of balance produced this photo

My baby sister, Rafy! She will show you her own OOTD. She loves doing poses in front of the cam. What a cutie!



And that's all for now. Thanks for reading, loves.
Until my next blog post!

xx, Iyah

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